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Beard Bib

Beard Bib

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  • NO MORE MESS: Tired of wasting time cleaning up after your beard or significant other’s? Tribex Beard Bib catches your beard and hair trimmings while you shave to allow for a quick, easy disposal. No more clogged drains or nasty sinks. Live like a Lumberjack. The Gentleman Lumberjack you were born to be

  • FREE PORTABLE TRAVEL BAG: You’re a busy man. You have whiskey to drink. Bears to fight. Designed with a sleek self-packing Tribex Beard Bib is easy to pack when traveling or on the go. Meet the newest member of your shaving and grooming team
  • EASY TO USE: Instruction manual? There’s no time for that! Just attach the neck straps and secure to the mirror and you’re off to the races. (Maybe literally? Bet on Seabiscuit!) In a rush? Too tired from all that beard growing? If you need a break during grooming you can attach the neck straps to the hooks on the suction cups and resume at your leisure. Once complete lower to the trash can and gently shake

  • THE PERFECT GIFT: What to get the bearded man who has everything? Whether it's a Birthday, Father’s Day, Anniversary or any Holiday, or even a gift to yourself (you deserve it you, bearded scoundrel!) Our beard catcher is an exciting new tool for every man! One Size Fits All. Hey ladies, we see you. Women can even use it to cut their hair too!

  Trim Your Beard In 3 Easy Simple Steps

Step 1: Wear the cape around your neck & use velcro to secure it.
Step 2: Stick suction cup onto clean & dry mirror. Rotate screws clockwise to lock the suction cup. Attach the hook on the bib to the suction cups.

PRO TIP: Moisten the insides of the suction cup before sticking it on
mirror for a stronger grip.
Step 3: Trim your beard & dispose of collected Dimmings. Unlock the suction cup by rotating it anti-clockwise.


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